Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rittz-"After Morning"

Rittz-"After Morning"

Shouts out to DJ Burn One for liberating the MP3 of this joint. Rittz is the dude who came through snappin' on Yelawolf's "My Box Chevy pt. 3". I remember when Wolf and KP invited me to the studio to hear the track shortly after they made it, there was this longer haired white dude just posted up in the corner not saying anything to anybody. Wasn't necessarily alarmed by his presence, but, you still kinda gotta keep an eye on a long haired white dude just ducked off in the corner not saying anything to anybody. When the second verse of the "My Box Chevy" came on I was like "gawt dayum! who is this?!?!" Everybody just pointed to buddy in the corner...he nodded, chucked a duece and fell back off in the corner. When he told me his name was Rittz, I made a note of it and made sure I looked him up on myspace next time I got to a computer. When I looked him up, the first song that came on was "After Morning" and I've been looking out for more music ever since. I mean, its pretty difficult to not do your thing over this sample, but dude really rode this beat.

Burn One said he's making a mixtape with him and will start leaking songs from it pretty soon. I heard one of them already, and its pretty dope. Buddy be snappin.

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QuantumPeach said...

hahahah, those were my thoughts when he hit the stage. i was like 'whose that with that hair'? he is tuff though.