Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big Boi feat. Andre 3000 and Sleepy Brown-"Lookin 4 Ya"

Big Boi feat. Andre 3000 and Sleepy Brown-"Lookin 4 Ya"

KRS-ONE, A Tribe Called Quest, UGK, Clipse and now Outkast all have something in common...fuggery from Jive Records.

As you know by now, when Big Boi began working on his solo album, he was signed to Jive as a member of Outkast. Due to creative differences, he wound up leaving and taking the album to Def Jam. "Lookin 4 Ya" was supposed to be one of the highlights of the album because it was one of the only ones with Dre rapping on it. But now Jive is blocking the song from appearing on Big Boi's solo album. Luckily for us its magically appeared on the internet. Enjoy. Sir Lucious Leftfoot in stores July 6th.

The internets are saying Drake's producer Boi 1da made the beat...but the day Big let me hear it he said Erick Sermon produced it...at least that's what I heard him say...might've been the Henny.


M said...

i think its funny that everyone puts "Big Boi feat Andre3K and Sleepy".. shouldn't it be "OutKast feat. Sleepy Brown"?.. dope ass track tho

TSF said...

Andre's verse left me wanting a little more, but whatever, new OutKast, woo-hoo!

The interview with Big Boi that I read in GQ also has him saying that Boi 1da produced it (Noz has a link to it on his tumblr), but I'd trust you over GQ any day, so who knows.

Rome Brown said...


Technically, it is Big Boi ft. Andre & Sleepy because it's a Big Boi album, song, etc. It's not an OutKast album or whatever so it wouldn't be classified as an OutKast song. We know it's an OutKast song, but the way I outlined it, is usually how it goes.

QuantumPeach said...

i don't know how, but i have had this track since last year...no lie folk! To me it sounds like something that would have followed that "everybody" track.