Wednesday, June 9, 2010

360: Esthero "Flipher Overture" ------> Cee-Lo Green-"ChamPain"

Yeah...time for another random column. Gonna start doing cool little posts about how songs and people borrow from each other and stuff...

Mr. Greg Street sent me this Cee-Lo "mixtape" a few nights ago before it got unleashed onto the internet. But I wasn't near a computer at the time so yeah...

But its been out for a couple days now, I haven't seen or heard an overwhelming reaction to it though. I just got around to listening to it last night, not every song on there blew me away, but the are each cool in their own little way. The title and cover of the "mixtape" are very misleading though. I guess Stray Bullets is supposed to be a play on words since Cee-Lo's upcoming album is called Lady Killer? Judging from the songs on here, it should actually be called Loose Feathers or something.

But yeah, I was just sharing the project with you in case you hadn't gotten your hands on it yet. I also felt like posting this song "ChamPain."

The song is basically about drinking, sex and escapism. The cold-hearted gentleman player vibe he's been on since '06 works well on it. Plus he does it over one of my favorite tracks from Esthero's Breath From Another album, "Flipher Overture" (flip her over...overture...flip the tape over...get it? get it?)

I remember we used to smoke and actually try to freestyle over this shit. This and that instrumental from Triple Six's The End album.

A gossip girl told me after Cee-Lo and Esthero worked together when Goodie Mob did a remix to "The World I Know" they started seeing each other off and on, which led to them eventually recording "Gone" together. If you never heard that song, know that its probably one of the most heart-wrenching break up songs EVER. Years later, it sounds like they we're probably talking to each other on that shit. But I don't know...I actually caught Esthero at the Loft a few years back and she performed the song. Since Cee-Lo was there in attendance, he went on ahead and joined her on stage and did his part. It didn't look planned, but hey, ya' never know.

But yeah, the Cee-Lo project is cool. Other songs to look out for are "Is It," "I'll Kill Her" and "Super Woman Theme Song."

DOWNLOAD: Greg Street presents Cee-Lo Green: Stray Bullets


QuantumPeach said...

you're right, the name is very misleading. i am enjoying this mixtape, it makes me feel like a hippie!

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