Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Po' Folks: Study Shows That Poor People Are Still Eating

Creative Loafing just posted these findings by the Atlanta Regional Committee. This "regional snapshot" is intended to show the correlation between income and obesity. The counties with black dots are poor, the counties that are red are obese. So, pretty much, it shows that poor people out here eating, especially in Mississippi.


TimW said...

Nothing like a solid visual to get the point across.

Bayan The One said...

not to question the data, but to me it seems not too scientific to link the phenomena to just a single parameter in the population, i'm sure there're other factors at play as well, besides low income, or low income is intertwined with other factors and doesn't exist without them

Enigma Sept's Corner said...

Glad my county is dark green and dotless. #LeonCounty #Florida

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