Monday, June 21, 2010

The Boondocks-"Pause"

The last two weeks of The Boondocks have more than made up for the snooze fest they've been on since they came back. I interviewed one of the producers of the show back when I did that Freaknik: The Musical episode. When I tried to get him to give me some details about the upcoming Boondocks season, all he told me was "we have a Tyler Perry episode." I understood what he was saying without him saying much.

Now, I always had me opinions about Tyler Perry movies. I peeped early how dark-skinned dudes were always the bad guy and the fairer-skinned dude was always the hero. Hell, even the one time a dark-skinned dude was the "good guy" he was living in the hood with three kids, making a woman "lower her standards" to be with him. My brother always had a problem with him spreading the gospel as a cross-dresser, which is some in and of itself.

But yeah, this episode is spot on. I'm sorry. Now, I'm not one of those all out Tyler Perry haters, but man. There isn't much in this episode that ain't the truth or too far from it.

I wonder how Aaron McGruder feels about Cube have a show on TBS right along side Tyler Perry's shows now.

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