Monday, April 14, 2008

Long Time Coming...


Got damn ya'll don't know how happy I am right now. I pre-ordered my tickets two weeks ago as soon as they became available. Luckily my faith in the team payed off! Even though we kinda backed in, its still a victory for us.

Man, in case you didn't know, the Hawks had the longest post-season drought in the NBA (Warriors had it up until last year...I see you BP! Good luck this time around). Crazy thing is, I remember the last time we was in the playoffs.

It was 1999. We played and beat the Pistons (whaddup D!) in the first round. I actually went Game 2 with my cousins. We were playing in the Georgia Dome at the time and it was at this game that I was introduced to the pleasure of drinking beer at a professional sporting event. I wasn't old enough to buy alcohol yet, but the fam looked out for me! I remember all of us being pretty tipsy and heckling Grant Hill. I think we got caught on the jumbo screen once too. After seeing that we sat our asses down, it wasn't the best look. Especially with my underage drinking ass.

We came into that game with a 1-0 lead, won Game 2, lost both away games, and came back home and won the series. We went on to play the Knicks in the next round and got swept.

So, I guess I can be happy that my last in-person playoff memory of the Hawks was a win. Going into this years playoffs facing the Celtics seems like a lofty task, but the Celtics, like every other team in the NBA is beatable on any given night. We just played them this past weekend and stuck with them until the 4th quarter where old ass Sam Cassell just started bombing on our ass.

Hopefully, playing them again so soon will help us in making the proper adjustments. I'm also hoping, well praying, that we get some decent play from the bench. Coach Woody has done a good job in crushing our young bench player's spirits by having them ride the pine all season. So it would be foolish for me to expect a group of young cats who hardly played to all of a sudden come out and be super productive. But hey, the Warriors pulled off a miracle last year...maybe we can be this year's feel good story. But the bottom line is, in order to win in the playoffs you need to play defense and have a bench.

But later for that. I'll worry about that later, I want to bask in this joy for a couple days. I'll really be basking if we end the season winning our last two games.

Oh yeah, don't be too surprised if you see or hear about me on the news. Because straight up, if I end up sitting next to some punk-ass transplant rooting too too loud for the Celtics, I'M SWINGING! No questions asked...I'm taking whatever team paraphernalia they have on and launching that shit into the crowd. You've been warned. Hawks fans, we need to take our arena back! Like my homie Bem told me the other wouldn't be able to set foot in one of these other arenas and behave like that. So I'm leading the charge. If I catch somebody with a little too much Celtic Pride...I'm slappin' & kickin'...Chris Rock style.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yea man, 8th place, glad to see u again, hope u like the shop

CoCo said...


Monk said...

I'm not really a sports fanatic but I love the NBA Playoffs. And I know that the home team is YOUR team but I can really say that I hope them dudes pull off the unthinkable MORE than you right now.

My city is cursed right now. Politics is all messed up...the Tigers are sucking...all we got is our Pistons right now!!

So take them Boston boys out or at least wear them down so we can take that trophy to our poor city...

Trancend said...

I hate to add the negative vibe to this but I have to... I've been a Hawks fan before I even moved to GA back in '91 and while I'm happy they made the playoffs I have to be a realist.

I hear the radio spots playing around ATL talking about the "Story Book" season continues..

Let's be real here, there is nothing "Story Book" about being 37-45 and making the playoffs. The Eastern Conference sucks, period, minus Boston, Detroit and Orlando.

Being the 8th seed in such a shitty conference is like being the worlds tallest midget..

Please tell me how a team with 48 wins doesn't even make the playoffs? You know where 48 wins would get you in the East? It would have landed Golden State a #4 seed... let's not forget about Portland with a 41-41 record!! That record in the East would have them at a 6th seed.

Billy Knight and Mike Woodson both need to be fired and that way we can't say Billy never got Mike the players he needed and Billy can't say Mike can't coach with the players he given.

Sorry to rain on the parade...I'm still going to enjoy these 4 games and pull for the home team!!!