Monday, April 21, 2008

Bun B "That's Gangsta"

I didn't particularly like this song at first. Sean Kingston's voice made it sound more pop than "gangsta." But the second time I heard it, I really felt what Bun was saying on it. Not the best example of his flow, but he still brings it. Easily the most consistent rapper in the game. I mean really, can you remember a horrid Bun B verse. Song maybe, but verse, I don't know.

Speaking of Bun, I'm trying something new. I'm building a site thats gonna double as a online portfolio and memoir giving backstories to some of the pieces I've written over the last 6 years I've been in the writing game.

The first post is the Bun B feature I just did for The Source. Peep it @ the new

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FireBrand said...

Sean Kingston makes the song pretty bad. I can't listen to it. It's like watching a Tyler Perry movie. You know there has to be some value in it somewhere, but the surrounding crust of garbage is such a turnoff, it's not worth digging for that kernel of decent expression.