Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I had to post this. I can't remember the last time a Hawk was on the cover or front page of anything. Hell, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Atlanta's ONLY newspaper) hardly gives the team any love. I need everybody to put on their Hawks gear, go the nearest sports bar or huddle up in front of your TV and support the team, we can do this baby! And if you can, PLEASE come out in full force to Game 6 at the Playoff Factory this Friday.

Oh yeah, in case you weren't able to see my status message on Gchat, I want to give a shout out to all the "new" Hawks fans out there. Thanks to you, folks like me, who have been going to games all season including the last two playoff games couldn't get any good seats for Friday's game because they was all gone. I ain't tripping too hard, just make sure you cheer and scream as loud as you can. Be a part of the experience, don't just come to see it. LETS GO HAWKS!!!

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