Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Got Damn! Must be 2-Tied!

Man, Saturday and last night have been two of the greatest experiences I've ever been a a part of. My Hawks are not backing down from the Celtics in any way, shape or form. I mean, even in the games we lost, we wasn't playing scared, just a little unprepared. But I am so proud of my team. Especially ZaZa and what he did last night. When Kevin Garnett tried to punk him, he got up in his face and let him know that he ain't Dirk Nowitzki. Damn that got the crowd crunk, everybody sitting in my section was throwing up the "A" and shouting "A TOWN." I'm reading that KG could get suspended for pushing a ref during the fight and that the Celtics' Kendrick Perkins and the Hawks' Marvin Williams could be sitting too because they left the bench. I'm in favor of all three happening. KG off the court is obviously good for us, and Marvin Williams off the court is even better for us. I mean damn, there were points in the game where it looked like Marv was trying to give the game away.

But yeah back to the games. The hell is up with Paul Pierce throwing up Blood signs in an NBA game? Thats the most ignorant shit I've ever seen man. No place for that in the NBA. Hell, no place for that anywhere grown ass men are period! They fined him $25k but it should be more. As for the NBA fining Deshawn Stevenson for doing the Tony Yayo dance, I mean, thats silly. Why David Stern considers that to be a "menacing gesture" is beyond me. He must have seen John Cena doing it on WWE and figured it was bad.

Anyways, I just wanted to post right quick since I haven't been able to get around to it for the last couple days. See ya'll at the Playoff Factory on Friday!


ChicaGOrilla said...

That's what that was? Blood sign? Ignant as hell!!! You a multi millionaire and you still doing baby ish? WTF?

CoCo said...

Deshawn Stevenson gave a throat slashing sign during that game, I think that's why he was fined. Word on the street is Durant is ROY. Hopefully Al will show them why they were wrong.

bp said...

I love it, I'm proud of the squad if you had a coach worth a damn then i'd give them a shot. btw tell joe johnson to stand down, he dont want it with powe.