Thursday, April 24, 2008

Decatur Loses Again

Koch Records just sent out this press release on the Eastside's own, Baby D. Damn I hope his "vehement disputes" are true. He ain't my favorite rapper, but that's my folks, cool people. What's crazy is that it feels like I just saw this nigga. According to this press release, he's been locked up for a damn month. Weird. I haven't heard niggas screaming "Free Baby D" or none of that around here. Is it that they don't care or don't know. I'm leaning towards the latter.

Damn, looks like he was really "Bout Money."


(April 23, 2008) – New York, NY – KOCH Records/Big Oomp Records recording artist Baby D is being held without bond in Ohio on federal charges for allegedly trafficking cocaine. Baby D vehemently disputes these allegations. He is being held in the Butler County Jail which also houses people held on federal charges). Baby D was arrested in Dayton, Ohio on March 26, 2008 and continues to be held without bail. He also has three pending assault charges in Tennessee where he has a bond set. A warrant for his arrest in Georgia was recently dismissed.

How this will affect the release of his new album, A-Town Secret Weapon (April 29th, 2008) is still unclear. Baby D has cultivated a loyal following of fans in his native Decatur and throughout Atlanta who have been chanting and bouncing with him for years. He made his move into rap music when he met hip-hop entrepreneur and retail powerhouse Big Oomp in 1994. Oomp was preparing to launch his record label, Big Oomp Records, and quickly signed the young rapper.

Baby D released his first album, Off Da Chain, at the young age of 16. His acclaimed follow-up Lil' Chopper Toy was released two years later

Baby D’s first single “I’m Bout Money” produced by DJ Montay (Flo Rida feat. T-Pain “Get Low,” UNK “Walk It Out,” “2 Step”) can be heard on urban radio, and the video is currently airing BET and MTV Jams, and was the MTV “Jam of the Week” for the first week of April. The new album A-Town Secret Weapon will feature appearances by Shawty Lo & Gucci Mane among others.


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