Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Killer Mike "2 Sides" feat. Shawty Lo

"Who are these Eastside niggas you be 'round?/I ain't neva eva seen these clowns"--Killer Mike

Man, I heard this song on my dude BP's myspace last night and I had to add it to mines immediately. This is the kinda song Atlanta needs right now. There is an identity crisis going on in my city and its got to stop.

I called Mike and them last night to tell them how hard the song is. They invited me over to Cutmaster Swiff's studio to hear more of what he's been working on for Pledge Allegiance To The Grind 2.

All I can say is GOT DAMN! Judging from what Mike has let me hear over the last few months, this is about to be one of the hardest albums to come out in a minute. Notice that I didn't say "hot" I said "hard." "Hot" music cools off and goes cold after the test of time. "Hard" music stands strong through and through.

I wanted to leak this song as soon as I heard it, but, being that I fuck with Grind Time pretty tough, it woulda felt like I was stealing from them. But, they went on ahead and gave me the OK just now, so here you go. This is a rip off off SMC's myspace though. I should have a CDQ by the end of the day.

Be warned, this song is not for the fakes who be claiming Atlanta/Decatur/Bankhead but live in Dallas/Canton/Rockdale County, GA. In the words of Jay-Z "if you're offended/can't take it back, handle yo' business."

Killer Mike feat. Shawty Lo (don't worry, he's only on the hook) "2 Sides"


J. Burnett said...

nigga snapped

MichaelNourollahi said...

mike is the shit.. brings it hard (as usual).. thanks for the song we needed some new killer

JJThaKydd said...

Man that Shawty Lo feature almost killed my expectations for the song. Good thing Killer Mike is so damn dope. Good shit, MG.

FireBrand said...

lol. thanks for the warrning about him only being on the hook. lol.

What identity crisis do you feel this city is undergoing?

CoCo said...

That was hot.

Panik said...

That shit goes hard! Killer Mike the truth. How you coming along with that CDQ mp3?

4 Cryin Out Loud said...

man, if cats would latch onto mike the same way they do too many of these alternative emcees, the world would be a better place... or at least folks would be so damn dumb.