Friday, October 16, 2009

Zooz Beat x Street Lotto on CNN

The homie Street Lotto told me he hooked up with this company that he thinks about to change the way we look at music...and he wasn't lying. I'm no techy so you'd probably be better off just watching this video to get an understanding of this new technology that allows people to change and add to their favorite songs on their cell phones. Street Lotto is one of the first artists to hop on this and he appears in the clip.


dan at ZOOZbeat said...

Thank you for the shout out for Street Lotto on the new ZOOZbeat. In November 2009, you'll be able to buy Street Lotto beats from his songs:

-- Make It Look Good
-- That's a Money Maker
-- What the People Want

Then, using the new ZOOZbeat, you'll be able to reCreate Lotto's music by shaking, titling and taping your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Lotto told me:

"ZOOZbeat is a groundbreaking application, as well as the future of music. Looking down the line, it also can become one of the world's largest distributors of music for the independent artist! Independent artist and labels alike will flock to become a part of the ZOOZbeat movement!"

Thank you for including the CNN story featuring Lotto!

On behalf of the ZOOZbeat team,


Anonymous said...

Tech is kind of cool, but the rapper is really really wack though! Saw this guy at an open mic and he got booed out of the building LOL! I mean my 10 year old can spit better rhymes than him. Great choice of spokesperson for your company.