Thursday, October 22, 2009

OJ Da Juiceman Boo'ed In NYC

[I originally posted this over at Ozone]

We've been hearing about this all morning, but our internet was down up until about an hour ago, so we're just seeing this. As the "voice of Southern Hip Hop" it does feel a certain way to see NYC booing OJ. Its almost like how White people, no matter how cool they are, are never and will never be allowed to say the N-word. Same thing here. We down here in the South, I feel, are allowed to say whatever it is we want to say about OJ because we made him who he is. But people who have done nothing but hate on the guy or simply decide they didn't like his music and aren't from around these, not really.

But on the other hand, it didn't really make much sense to have OJ on this bill in the first place. Jadakiss, Raekwon, Curren$y, Pill, Donnis...and OJ? We understand the idea of being all inclusive in Hip Hop, but somethings just don't go together. Two of those things are Wu-Tang fans and Southern artists not named Outkast or Geto Boys. Like the person who captured this video said, New York has love for OJ, he just came up on a tough crowd. In Hip Hop that happens. Plus, it probably didn't help OJ's cause to go on stage shouting random "bitch" and "fuckboy" insults before he even got into his first verse.

However, I will say that this is probably one of OJ's more energetic performances. What ever ticked him off this night, needs to happen again so that he actually looks interesting when he's on stage.


Баян said...

well they ain't boo him off the stage, so it's not that bad LOL

FireBrand said...

That wasn't NYC booing him. That was Hip Hop booing him.

Most of the people at CMJ are not from NYC (at least that's what I've found in my experience going there from 2006-2008).

They are from all over the country and world. They are fans of music. He was booed by people who love music and rightly so.

I'm ready for Alleyboy, Pill and Young Dro to take the light away from this Gucci, Oj and Wacka nonsense.

Fiasco said...

It's funny to me no southern writer/blogger/whatever has mentioned that:

1. OJ is super wack. (Are they scared to say this?)
2. Donnis and Pill didn't get booed and actually got shown love at the same show.
3. Donnis and Pill have taken shits more talented than OJ.