Friday, October 2, 2009

SLAM Online's Top 50 NBA Players: Joe Johnson #20

Although I'm still dissappointed (and kinda nervous) over the news that broke earlier this week about Joe Johnson opting to become an unrestricted free agent after this season, I still got to show some love the man that's put my beloved Hawks back on the map in the NBA.

Today SLAM magazine revealed him as the #20 player in their Top 50 ranking. I mean, yeah, sounds 'bout right. Although I think he could have cracked the mid-teens, I can see things like his questionable leadership abilities may have kept him from from being ranked higher. But hey, Top 20 ain't nothing to sneeze at. Anyways, Lang Whitaker wrote the piece, check it out.

READ: SLAM Online's Top 50 NBA Players: Joe Johnson #20

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Big Jay said...

IMO Joe Johnson has to show he is an elite player for us to even give him the money he wants. He didn't show up in the playoffs. If we're gonna be contending year after year then we need Joe Johnson to be the player he is during the regular season.