Friday, October 23, 2009

Freddie Gibbs Performs "Iodine Poison" for Fader TV

"I'm Too Hard To Swallow, the son of Super Tight/Was raised on Ridin Dirty, Dirty Money off the white/Kept a couple Side Hustles 'til rapping was just a dream, lay that snap on the track like I was an Underground King"--Freddie Gibbs

Maaaan. "Iodine Poison" is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite song (behind "Talkin Bout You" and "Still Standing" on Freddie Gibbs' Midwestgangstaboxframecaddilacmuzik mixtape. Its an ode to Pimp C that samples Mr. Butler on the hook and uses clips from his infamous "Atlanta Ain't the South" interview from a couple years ago. Gibbs had emailed me a rough of this track a while back and asked if I could pull some strings to get Bun on it. I put them in contact with each other, but obviously that wasn't able to happen in time before the mixtape was scheduled to be released but it still jams either way.

Spotted at BLVDST via DGB

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