Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DJ Kizzy Rock's 1st Annual Freaknik Party at Minglez

The homie Jabari told me about this this past weekend and I've been debating on if I'm gonna fall through. I mean hell, I already be up in the Chit Chat and Minglez every once in a while on the cool...why not go for an actual event. Plus, since the Goodie Mob show, I've been thirsting more and more for some authentic A-Town ish. Not sure how much the spirit of Freaknik is going to be in the building (especially with this weather) but Kizzy still knows how to Rock. Ya'll fall through, Minglez is acutally a nice looking spot on the inside.

2930 Ember Dr.
Decatur, GA 30034
(Right off Candler Rd. when you get off I-20)

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