Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Jam: Menace Clan "What U Sayin" (1995)

Not sure what put me in this mood...might be the rain, but I've been listening to nothing but Dayton Family and Top Authority today. Now to think of it, it might be because I went to see Michael Moore's (who is from Flint, MI just like these two groups) latest documentary "Capitalism: A Love Story" this past weekend and its still fresh on my mind. Once again, Moore has succeeded in making me want to move to France.

That style of music they were making led me to going back and looking up the above gem on youtube. Menace Clan's "What U Sayin" to me at one of the dopest concept records and videos I've ever seen. In it the two group memembers rap in a conversationalist stlye with one of the guys taking on the role of the cantankerous older guy who can't stand the youth of today, while the other raps from the perspective of the young hustler on the corner who feels that it was the generation before his that failed and created the "hell hole" he has to survive in. Dope ish indeed.

I remember seeing this video on Rap City back when I used to tape videos, and wishing they'd play it everyday...but they only played it about once a week. Menace Clan was from the West Coast and were signed to Rap-A-Lot and released one album that I know of simply titled Da Hood. The album caught alot of flack for being extremely anti-White and anti-music industry (think dead prez x100), but to their credit...they clarified their agenda on the album when they said: "We only trippin' on the white muthaf*ckas that's in control of the government; we ain't trippin' on you common folk cr*ckers cause y'all just cr*ckers...y'all might as well be n*ggas." Beyond that though, "What U Sayin" is truly a flash of genius.

The way this song/video documented the growing generation gap in the Black community is truly remarkable. Crazy how 14 years later the gap still exists, but moreso between 30-something year olds and teenagers. Anyways, check this joint out, I hope ya'll enjoy/appreciate it as much as I did and still do.

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boi-dan said...

I think its the "sign of the times" when "the gap" is shortening in the form of the disgruntled old-heads being younger and younger