Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Z-Ro-"Doin Just Fine"

Man, I obviously need to spend less time on twitter and some of these other sites I've been wasting my time perusing and get back to checking the real shit I'm accustomed to. I'm kind of embarassed that I'm just now hearing this new Z-Ro song "Doin Just Fine" which dropped a few days ago. I'm even more embarrased that I had absolutely no idea that Ro dropped a double-mixtape earlier this month and I knew nothing about it.

Anyways, "Doin Just Fine" will be appearing on Ro's upcoming album Cocaine (the follow up to last years Crack and I'm hearing he's naming the one after this Heroin). Cocaine is also the name of the double-mixtape but it looks like Rap-A-Lot is condensing it and repackaging it. If "Doin Just Fine" is a taste of what this album has to offer...damn, its gonna be jammin. Country Rap Tunes are still alive.

Spotted at CBRap

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