Thursday, October 9, 2008

'Face on John McCain

Eskay just posted a vid from my old job doing an interview with Scarface. I'm sure as this video makes the rounds its going to spark some thought i.e. controversy. What Luda said about Hillary ain't got nothing on this.

I'm actually kinda confused. I interviewed Uncle Brad a month or so ago and he was acting very tight lipped about his stance on the election, Obama, etc. Shied, it was his tight lippedness that inspired the video I did with UNN...

Guess he don't care now...with Obama's lead in the polls widening and all. What do ya'll think about what he said. Yeah, he was clowning, but if the Fox News' of the world decide to jump on this if/when they see you think it can be detrimental? The election is only weeks away now, good or bad timing? Or am I thinking too much into it...after all, he never really actually said "fuck McCain, vote for Obama."

Shout out to J.Boogie for doing the actual interview although they didn't give her her propers.


Баян said...

i'm not in the States so my point of view might be or prolly even is irrelevant not being based on the situation in situ and processes which i'm not aware of, but speaking of Aint I, ain't he as a person and as a citizen entitled to his opinion about anything McCain included, and have the right to express it if this is what he feels? plus his past tightlipness could be just a matter of a bad mood, note feeling like speaking on it, after all he's not a politician which is supposed to stay consistent
i don't see what fuss could be about

what, u can say fuck Clinton, fuck Bush in ya lyrics (like Mike) but should be more restrained in ya interviews? don't think cursing presidential candidates should be any serious of an act than cursing an acting president

southpeezy said...

@ 6arh

aw man, i didnt realize you left this video in the comments yesterday...i couldnt C&P the whole link for some reason...yes, he's most definitely entitled to his own opinion...i guess what im afraid of seeing is the spinmasters trying to pull another Rev. Wright/Luda/Ayers type thing...but come to think of it, none of its really proved to work so far, so we'll see

quan said...

I don't think it will cause a helluva lot of controversy. If you compare it to Luda, I mean, Luda's a superstar. Yeah, 'Face is the best rapper alive but I think he'll fly beneath the radar. To mainstream America, it's just another unknown rapper hopping on the Obama wagon.

That was a good piece you did for UNN though. Is it just me or was that Backwudz that you interviewed in there?

Баян said...

and anotha reason why it hasn't so far and prolly won't spark controversy is cause unlike in Luda's case Obama didn't verbally associate himself with Face's music, although he might be Face's fan as well, so there's kinda no link between them and to the general public and political analysts Face in this sutuation is just another voter