Friday, October 31, 2008

Bobby Creekwater-BC Era Mixtape

Ok. I'm killing two birds with one stone here.

First, I'm posting this vid the homie Sol Messiah sent over not to long ago. He's been pretty busy in the studio and documenting some of it on camera. Here's a brief drop with him and Bobbby Creekwater giving you a prelude to what's about to happen with them. If you don't know Bobby Creek used to be in a duo called Jatis around the turn of the century. They were signed to Loud which was also home to Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep and dead prez just to name a few. Alot people likened them to 'Kast at the time, but things ain't really pan out. Then Bobby Creek resurfaced on Eminem's Shady Records back around 04-05. He still hasn't dropped an album over there, so the wait is still on.

However in his time over there he managed to drop two dope ass mixtapes, Anthem To the Streets Volumes 1 & 2. Today he dropped his latest joint The BC Era. I haven't listened to it yet, but Bobby Creek hasn't let me down yet, so I feel comfortable posting it. If its wack ya'll be sure to tell me...aight?

DOWNLOAD: Bobby Creekwater-The BC Era


boogie/ said...

bobby creekwater is dope. too bad only like 2 people know it. hope this takes off for him....

Monk said...

Dang...I did an EPK for Jatis back in like '02...I gotta find that joint.

Bobby Creek always came wit' it. Sol Messiah's been one of the most underrated producers too in my opinion.