Monday, June 23, 2008

F*ck School

"F*ck School"-Convicts, Rap-A-Lot, 1991 (song seemed appropriate)

Highly touted 18-year old hoopstar Brandon Jennings is about to switch the game up on ya'll.

And you know what, I ain't mad at him, not one bit. I've had a wishy-washy opinion when it came to high school players enterting the NBA.

One part of me doesn't want to keep a young man from achieving his goal and realizing his dream of playing pro basketball. I mean, there are plenty of 18-year olds who choose to either work at Pep Boys or join the Army, and that's their dream. I mean, if you can choose to live up under cars and duck and dodge gunfire, I don't see why you can't let a nigga play basketball.

But then the other side of me, the highlight thirsty part of me, wants to see grown men on the court. I don't want to see underdeveloped tweeners spend years getting adjusted.

But man, if Jennings decides to stick it to the man like that, man, you're about to see alot of young brothas start getting passports.

I'm all for education, so I'm hoping Jennings will take some classes of some sort while out there or later in life. But, I don't really agree with the NBA and NCAA drafting up rules essentially forcing these kids into slavery, er, college basketball.

Do you like this potential move? I think the author of this article, Mr. Rhoden made a good point in saying that traveling overseas, being groomed by older gentlemen, being exposed to new cultures and perhaps learning a new language is a better "education" than going to college for one year and hardly going to class.

Shied, I love Fort Valley and all, but if I had the choice to either go to France, Spain or Fort Valley at age 18...shied, most of ya'll woundn't even know me.


D. Seeney said...

I feel that. I am all for education, but living in Europe and really maturing is something that can't be overlooked. Be a rebel! I always felt that one year of college was a fucking joke. On a side note though, this nigga got the tightest box I've seen in a while!

CoCo said...

I'm all for this kid going overseas. I think more dudes should consider it.

Monk said...

Thanks for hipping me to a hip hop gem.