Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Pam Anderson wishes she got as much attention is Wayne is right now.

Well, the day has finally came. Lil Wayne's highly-anticipated and over-hyped The Carter 3 album is finally coming out. Hopefully this means the end of the 24/7 coverage we've been seeing on this guy. I understand you got to give the people what they want but GOT DAMN! We need to find some more people, surely the entire world doesn't want to ONLY read and hear about Lil' Wayne.

I myself was never a big Lil Wayne fan, Juvi and B.G. were my favorite Hot Boyz (pause?), but I always respected Wayne's flow, especially when he used to have to stretch his vocab as a youngin' because he couldn't curse.

My younger brother would always try to put me up on his stuff during the Squad Up days, and I'll admit, some of that stuff was dope, hell, it was better than most if not all of his album material. But I was accustomed to listening to what I was already bumping around that time, so Weezy wasn't really a listening priority for me.

I enjoyed most of the The Carter, it was dope. But I think what made me really start paying attention to dude was that first Dedication. I really must have liked that CD because I remember where I bought it (R.I.P VIBE's in Downtown Decatur) and I remember listening to it on repeat that following weekend down in Miami when me and some friends (whaddup D.K. and L.L.) painted the town red.

Since then though, I only paid attention to Wayne just to stay aware. I can't say that I've just throughly enjoyed everything he's put out since then. Mainly because its been on overload. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I usually don't like shit that comes in abundance. I mean, I think I might have been the only nigga in my crew to not go goo-goo gaa-gaa over J.Lo when she was the hot shit. Yeah, I was feeling her when she would pop up every once in a while, but when I started seeing her more than the McDonald's arches, I kinda lost interest. Same goes for Beyonce.

Don't get me wrong, I know that Wayne still drops some hot shit, but I think most of the music listeners out there like dude only because he's always there. Weezy's music is like celery at a BBQ. You don't go to the BBQ just to eat celery, but 9 times out of 10, that's what's gonna be there the most. So, when nigga eat up all the chicken and ribs, you just start eating the celery because its there for you. Weezy's music is always there, so niggas eat it up, even if they don't really want to.

That said, I think folk love Wayne so much because really (correct me if I'm wrong), him and 50 Cent are two rappers that blew up around the same time that the internet really started having an impact on the record business. I mean yeah, Outkast, Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Nelly, etc where all there too, but they was there a little bit before the internet put a chokehold on the game. So folks was still accustomed to having to buy what those guys put out.

An artist like Wayne came at a time when folks was starting to find random shit on Napster, Morpheus, Limewire and obscure music forums. Plus, most of his fanbase is either his age or younger, meaning they are that "information overload" generation I've talked about in the past. Just like their favorite rapper who once said "feed me rappers or feed me beats"...all they know is CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME...whether its media, food or "nigga technology" like ringtones and shit.

Another reason I think the world is on WeezyWatch is because dude is the first rapper we've seen grow from being a talented child into an adult superstar. His fans feel like they've been a part of his entire life, thus, they feel like they actually know him. Most child rappers fall off by the time they become adults. That or they just get lame as hell. So Wayne is a rarity in that regard.

Can you name the last entertainer we saw grow from a child prodigy into an adult phenomenon?

Which brings me to my next thought. Do you think Wayne is gonna end up like Mike? I'm not asking if you think he gonna start hanging out with monkeys and old women and touching on little boys. But I am saying that Wayne's erratic behavior through interviews and what we read about in the news is kinda similar to how Mike manages to keep himself in the public eye.

Think about it, through the course of his career our conversations about Mike have changed drastically. I went from "yo, you heard that new Michael Jackson song? You seen the video?" to "yo...what the fuck is up with Mike, that nigga is trippin' dawg."

The same shit is going on with Wayne. Niggas used to be like "man, you heard that new Weezy? No, not that one. No not that one. No not that one. Yeah, that one." to "man, what the fuck do this nigga be talking about? The fuck is this nigga doing? He need to lay off that shit. That nigga is crazy."

But yeah, thats about it. I don't write about Lil Wayne often. I actually make a concious effort not to. Its enough other folks writing about him that one more voice really isn't needed. But I just had to go ahead and get this out of my system. Anyways, enjoy the rest of Weezy day/week/month/season/year. Because even though the album is finally here, something tells me WeezyWatch is about to kick into overdrive, which I really didn't think was possible.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i heard they leaked waynes album

LED said...

Thanks for some real shit!!! obvious universal is not cutting a you a check and demanding you to use the words "Daist" or "Stream of Conscious" to describe the Martian Experience.

Mr.Londoner said...

good words dood..

"Can you name the last entertainer we saw grow from a child prodigy into an adult phenomenon?"


i'm serious.

clyde said...

dude said bow wow?
thats effing funny

Dsuth313 said...

Nice post. Very funny. Check this mini article on DJ Chuck T, the man who leaked the new Weezy album


Dante said...

That video of Bow Wow getting "disrespected" never gets old.

E-Rich said...

No, the video of Bow Wow whining and waving his hands around like a queer never gets old.

Chris said...

The overload stuff is for the birds... I can admit when I heard the Squad Up music I was like shawty this nigga is snappin. Then I heard the Carter 1 and I was like this nigga be flowin. Then I heard the Decication Shawty this nigga is straight fiya... Then I heard another mix tape I was like this nigga is not advancing, then the Carter 2 this nigga not consistent, then another mixtape then another collaboration I was like this nigga is doin too much. Now I'm like what is this nigga doin then it hit he's doin DRUGS... Every great artist who made music ft DRUGS 7 out of 10 time ends up a broke addict.Words to the wise if anybody questions Hit albums of Artist ft DRUGS look up :SLy of the family Stone, Marvin Gaye, Donnie Hathaway, Issac Hayes, Jimmy Hendrix, Gil-Scott Heron, Bobby Brown, Pimp C, and the list keeps going.

Vaushaun "MAESTRO" Brooks said...

whats good man southpeezy, i threw you on my blog roll, return the favor

Anonymous said...

I wanna say that I'm Polish and here Lil' Wayne isn't as popular as in USA. It doesn't matter to me, cause Weezy is my favourite artist. When I wanna get some news about him or listen to his songs I must searching them for long time. Usually I must translate articles about him and I'm worry cause I don't understand everything ;/ But I can searching informations about him all the time! And translate them all the time .. that's not easy. I think Lil' Wayne is the best! I love listening his songs and I can do it all the time. I think, you shouldn't judge him. That's terrible. No one could judge another people any way if they don't know them. You don't know him, I don't know him too, and we never gonna know him, so we can't judge him. What the fuck with drugs? There are a lot of people addicted to drugs and another people think "it's ok. it's his/her life" but when celebrity is addicted to drugs it's a scandal! think about it ;/ celebrities are the same people like another ..

Lil' Wayne is tha Best Rapper Ever! ;))

sorry for mistakes, I'm Polish.