Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne-"Girls Around the World"

This song jams, its been in the deck for months. I'm glad they wised up and put this out because that song and video he put out with Luda was lame as hell. Got damn that shit was lame as hell. That shit was so lame that when I went on youtube to try and find a link and prove its corniness, that shit was GONE! They yanked it from existence!

This vid is pretty cool though, even though that Mona Lisa thing Lloyd got going with his hair freaks me out a little. I've heard Mona was a man anyway, but still, shit is kinda scary.

Damon, if you out there, let me know something...niggas can still afford Hype Williams videos? Did he go down on his price?


crunkite said...

Best thing about this video is seeing P.A. get some well deserved (although EXTREMELY late in the game) shine.

Lloyd's last two really good singles have both been produced by Big Reese and both featured Lil Wayne. I hope they don't get on some Best Of Both Worlds type shit.

Monk said...

That Lloyd and Luda shyt was the worse shyt EVER. We actually wrote a treatment for the video (when it was called "How We Do It In The A") and the concept took them on a trip through time - visiting Atlanta in all of its various eras from the glory days of Auburn Ave., to the Civil Rights Movement, to the rise of Freak-nik, all the way to present-day. For some reason, they passed and went with that corny shyt. But hey, what can you do?

In reference to Hype, the reason why he's doing more vids now is because the industry has somewhat lifted the black-balling they did to him because of the outrageousness of his video budgets. He's working with smaller crews now also which allows him to not be as pricey as he once was.

Monk said...

I forgot to say that this video is in GREAT and very entertaining to say the least.