Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is It Worth It To You?

Ok, all of us are getting our ass kicked at the gas pump right now. I mean, I be straight muggin' when I pump my gas now and I'm sure you're doing the same. Its so bad that bums don't even come up on you like they used to anymore. Pump my gas, hell no! How about chip in nigga?!?

Anyways, I've been trying to think of ways to be more economic when it comes to my driving and fuel usage, especially since I have to use high-grade gas. I've cut back on my trips, I'm starting to plan ahead, I don't go out as much, I cleaned out my trunk, keep my tires filled, drive slower and I do all thats in my power to avoid traffic, which is hard to do in Atlanta now. I even went to AutoZone today and bought some of that Octane stuff so that I can just buy the cheap 89 gas and then mix it in with it so that it turns into 93. A teacher schooled me on that a few years ago, I'll let you know if it works or not.

Well, all of that stuff I just named has nothing on this dude named Wayne Gerdes. He is a professional "Hypermiler." Whats that? Well after looking at this video on CNN, I think its a new word for "lunatic." This dude is literally going the extra mile to save on gas.

Here are a couple of his tactics:

***Put the car in neutral, push it out of your driveway/street and coast until you absolutely have to put it in drive. Don't put in park and then drive...go straight from N to D

***Turn the car off when at a stop or in traffic, but keep it in drive

***Don't break when making turns, just roooooool

Don't believe me, see him for yourself. He claims to double his mileage doing this crazy shit. Would you go through all of that to save some gas?

Check his website for more gas saving tips. CleanMPG.com


Andrea said...

dude... for real, you are DEAD ON about bums not coming up to you to pump your gas anymore!! LMAO!! i hadn't even noticed, but they ain't even on that right now! they must have been cursed out one too many times by someone like me pissed at the gas pump!

CoCo said...

Haha, the bums know better. Just the look on people's faces as they're pumping is a warning that such a move might not be in your best interest. Bums aren't that stupid!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

wait til it hit 200 a barrel, then 6$ a gallon