Sunday, June 29, 2008

Killer Mike "Killionare"

Damn. Internet goes fast.

I was out doing a day in the life type story (coming out soon)on Killer Mike on Friday and we all went by Big Oomp Records off Campbellton Road. He owed DJ Jelly a freestyle for his upcoming mixtape and he wound up giving him one that's easily worth about 5. Mike ended up rapping over Lil Wayne's "A Millie" beat. Me personally, was tired of hearing niggas rap over the beat. But whats funny is that me and Mike had a convo about the commentors out there in the blogosphere thirsting for him to hop on the beat. Wishes were granted.

In the rap Mike said that he's "bout ready to go Pimp C part 3" and he pretty much did. Really, Mike went 2Pac "Hit Em Up" on them. Making that photo I took of him rapping all but too appropriate. The question everybody is going to ask about these rhymes is "who is Mike talking to." Granted, he speaks on alot of things in the rap, but if you take it for what it is, he ain't just, solely going at other people. Dude is attacking spirits, straight up.

The next few days are going to be very interesting. Mike has a video for his song "Pressure" with Ice Cube which is surely going to ruffle some feathers while these other rappers are out here having pillow fights. Then on July 8th, his album I Pledge Allegiance To the Grind 2 drops (more on that later).

But yeah, I was saying that the internets work fast because me and Mike were going to leak it on Friday, but the internet was down where I was at, so we agreed to go ahead and just leak it first thing Monday morning with a little propaganda attached. Then like 5 minutes ago I saw Shake had got it from Southern Style DJ HotSauce...with a video included. When I saw buddy whip out the Flip, I shoulda known what was up.

Anyways, Mike killed this beat and no one after him should bother hopping on it. The beat is a carcass at this point. Seeing and hearing him spit this reminded me of Jay-Z's line on "1,2 Ya'll" when he said "no disrespect intended, but if you're offended/I can't take it back, handle your business." Seeing has how Hip Hop is full of hit hollering dogs nowadays, I wonder what's gonna be said after this freestyle spreads.

DJ Jelly & Killer Mike-"Killionare"

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Anonymous said...

OMG! He sounds mad as hell! I am too tho...keep going, keep going, keep going!

Memph10 said...

didhe just dis wayne on his own shit?

woah69 said...

i luv how dude said he raps hard becuz he is a fukin man...fuk that soft shit, for real.

BadNewzHussler said...

cmon homie, you should have leak this the minute you got it, whats the use of sitting on it?

Anonymous said...

killa kill been a beast he call hes first album THE MONSTER for a reason folks just scared of him, nobody want it with king kong

FleetwoodMackin said...

this dude is crazy, he dont care at all, he just went off on everybody favorite rapper(s) and its all the truth like paul pierce, nobody cant even get mad.

>>>cmon homie, you should have leak this the minute you got it, whats the use of sitting on it?


i agree, whats the use of sitting on exclusives over the weekend? you know better than that doggie.

Anonymous said...

The KILLER!!! Man this dude is a beast, man, its sunday tho, i aint supposed to be listening to this kind of stuff, but ddamn.

RAP IS DEAD said...

bout time somebody wipe these niggas down...cats done got very comfortable on the mic thinking anything they say is just gonna fly i want challenge, i want lyrics not swag and hype, fuck that. RAP IS DEAD! Killer Mike runs this shit BANG BANG BANG

M said...

obama/render '08

Chris said...

Oh yeah shawty he got more,

Killa Kill from the Ville. I guess people didn't understand when dude said "He ain't never scared". That's why Killa Kill is my brother I pledged to the G.R.I.N.D at the age of 13. So when I hear "Killionare" it takes me back to the days of riding Marta, Shopping at Walters, Swimming at Mark Trails, and Posting on Glenwood. I guess I'm trying to say it sounds like A-Town music f*ck that it sounds like "Dirty South" music nah nigga it's "Revolution" music. I tired of all this flossin, trickin, simpin, and drug abusing. It's time the real take back what's ours. I know I just venting but "Killionaire" reminds me of days at Columbia High School {Eastside What's Happinin} the first time I heard "We Ready" from Pastor Troy and how that one song cut the life line of No Limit Records in the state of Georgia. Killer Mike bring the truth back to the Peach State!!!!! I bout to say this and I'm out "Niggas Down South Stack Cheese Man"


Wow he went ham

FireBrand said...

yeah, the internet moves fast, man.