Wednesday, May 19, 2010

David Banner Talks Death of A Popstar and Says "F*ck Mixtapes"

David Banner talks about his new album with 9th Wonder, Death of A Popstar. He starts off kinda complaining as usual about people's attitude towards the music he's chosen to make and put out over the last five years.

But then he eventually touches on a few things I've been preaching for the last few months. The mixtape game and free music being one of them. I'm not gonna front, free music makes it easier to do my job, but as fan, I would like to see more artists, my favorites included, get back to putting a sense of value on their work. I hate to see cats spend all this money and time into making dope music...only to give it away and it not be documented or appreciated like it should be.

He also spoke on something that me and 9th Wonder talked about during our sit down, the death of Black music.

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