Friday, May 14, 2010

Bizarre feat. Yelawolf- "Down This Road"

Bizarre feat. Yelawolf-"Down This Road"

Okay so...

I wrote Bizarre's bio for his new album Friday Night at St. Andrews. Meaning that I had to go to the studio to listen to the music and get familiar with it. I'm not a stranger to Bizarre's music. I checked out the D12 albums and I own that Hannicap Circus album (the song with Big Boi and Devin the Dude was jammin, nasty, but jammin).

By now you know that Bizarre's music has a very acquired taste. Dark, off-kilter and at times very disturbing. And honestly, when I was visiting the studio to square away business, I'd hear some of the music when the studio door would swing open...and yeah. At times I was really considering giving dude his money back.

But then, the day I heard the actual album, I was very relieved. He calmed down on that crazy shit and just stuck to telling Devin-esque stories and just rapping. The beats were pretty dope too. So, when I told people "yo man, that Bizarre might be aight, for real"...people looked at me crazy and was like, "yeah right, nicca."

Well the album comes out on Tuesday, so if you want, you can check it out for yourself. From looking at the final tracklisting, a couple of the songs I liked didn't make the final cut and new ones (including one of the disturbing ones) were added. So, this album might sound a little different from the one I was telling folks about. My personal favorites were "Can't Get Enough," "Some Days," and "Whatcha Smokin On."

Either way, the homie Boogie Brown said I could leak out this joint "Down This Road" with Yelawolf. Bizarre got a song with Playboy Tre floating around too, I might track that down to share as well.

Produced by Will Power of SupaHot Beats


RICH said...

eh you gonna do a devin contest?

Anonymous said...

Bizarre is terrible