Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Jam: Daz Dilinger-"In California" (1998) x "Money On My Mind" (2006)

Folks really slept on Daz' Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back album. It came out at a time when nobody really cared about Death Row, so off GP, folks didn't really give this album much of a chance. But this shit was jamming from front to back from what I remember...hell, the weakest song on there might've been the joint with 2Pac on it which received the most attention because it was thought to be "his last verse." I always dug the cover art to...which borrows from Marvin Gaye's In Our Lifetime album.

But yeah, I'm over here working on an interview with a West Coast legend and been jamming to some vintage stuff to get in the right mind frame.

While you're here, here is another slept-on gem from Daz featuring Kurupt. This was on his 2006 album So So Gangsta that he put out on So So Def. This had a couple jams on it too.

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