Friday, May 21, 2010

Hollyweerd feat. Big Pooh-"Love Me"

Hollyweerd feat. Big Pooh-"Love Me"

This shit jams. Holly let me hear this in the studio a while ago. I think they hooked up with Pooh while he was here for A3C last year to knock this joint out. Its going to be on their new mixtape Edible Phat 2 hosted by Don Cannon. Trust me, the tape is dope. Probably their best work to date.

I'm also happy to hear Staggolee playing his sax on this joint. That's the one thing I always wanted the group to take more advantage, especially since his appearance on "Have You Ever Made Love To A Weerdo" is the highlight of the song. Fortunately unfortunately, you're probably going to hear more of Stagg playing sax on their songs after this point since his other group, Jaspects have broke up, giving him more time and energy to focus on Hollyweerd.


Rome Brown said...

1st off, this song is on point, I'm looking forward to the mixtape.

2nd, Jaspects broke up!? Damn...
I enjoyed seeing them perform live last summer and I'm glad I got to get a physical copy of The Polkadotted Stripe. We need more info about that bruh.

QuantumPeach said...

I saw them perform once at Lenny's and his sax had beams of light coming from the keys, it was soooo fie! i hate that Jaspects broke up, they made awesome music. :-(