Monday, March 29, 2010

Rare Footage: UGK Performing in San Antonio (1994)

Man...I stumbled across this footage over at what is becoming one of my favorite blog, Trill Connection, where you will find a wealth of information on the legendary UGK. At first I thought it was just this video, but then I found THREE more of Pimp and Bun running through their catalog...well, not exactly, because at this time they only had two albums out. This video was recorded in 1994 meaning that it was probably right after Super Tight came out. Anyways, skip to the 3:45 mark to go to UGK's set. The rest of these videos are nothing but them two doing their songs.

Man videos like this truly show the essence of this Southern Hip Hop shit. Look at how small the club is. Nobody popping bottles and begging for attention and ALL the damn lights are on in this mahfuggah, haha. I love it.

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