Monday, March 1, 2010

A.Leon Craft - "The Way You Do The Things You Do"

A.Leon Craft-"The Way You Do The Things You Do" (prod by 808 Blake of SMKA)

A.Leon Craft remaking a "Smokey" Robinson song is almost too appropriate. Music purist can relax...he didn't get on here rapping about weed, guns, bitches and hoes. He just re-did the song and added a little bit of him to it.

Props SMKA


404 said...

I think I wanna hear the instrumental....

Баян said...

maane, if it ain't bout weed why he mentions Mary Jane and Amsterdam then?
shit this is an ode to weed personified in a character of a woman (a bitch or a hoe for the sake of the thesis)
it's everything you said it's not LOL