Monday, March 1, 2010

Outkast – "Spottieottiedopaliscious" (Carl Mo Remix)

Outkast-"Spottieottiedopaliscious" (Carl Mo Remix)

BLVDST just posted this This reminds me of riding into the city, listening to the radio, headed to the Nike Pavillion. Used to love how DJs would take songs and put some bootyshake up under it man. Damn...damn...damn... yeekin' and ticking in my seat right now listening to this.


Anonymous said...

Yeek! Yeek! Yeek! Yeek! Yeek! Yeek! lol yeah this shit DEF reminds me of when I 1st moved here in 93...good times

Anonymous said...

yeah that's classic

404 said...

I wanna put on my tennis skirt & Bo Jacksons!!!! Lmao......YEEK! Screamin Wheels! Screamin Wheels!!

Anonymous said...

hey bruh u got Da Organization - Can't Stop No Playa ?

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