Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Videos From Rappers From Atlanta Named Bobby

Bobby Creekwater-"Exhibit B.C." (directed by Visual Vinyl)

This video is pretty fie. Fray always been dope with the videos and he seems to work very well with Bobby Creek. I especially like the way they worked the Jordan passing to Kukoc footage when Bobby rhymed "if I ain't Jordan, then I'm on the team...Kukoc." Perfect video for the thinking man who spends way too much time looking at videos on the internet (*raises hand*)

B.o.B aka Bobby Ray feat. Bruno Mars-"Nothing On You"

This video kinda reminds me of Spree Wilson's "Word" video for some reason. It just has a happy spirit to it. This really made me smile. I'm glad to see them really put some effort into making sure this song got the proper visuals, anything short of innovated would've been a failure. I met the guy who directed this video last week...can't remember his name, sorry guy. (UPDATE: his name is Ethan Lader)

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