Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wrong Beans

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There's something about Nancy Grace's voice that just makes you have to stop when you're flipping channels. You know you're gonna get pissed by something she says or does, but you stop on her anyway. Prime example:

Last night, the TV stops on Nancy running her mouth. Beside her mug is a video of a child, sitting on a car floor, with someone's hand squishing her cheeks together. At first I thought it was a missing child alert. But I was wrong.

So, people are using X-pills for pacifiers now, great, juuuust great. Local authorities tracked down the idiots who filmed this video and put it up on youtube. They aren't completely sure if the child is high on X, so they are running tests on her. For now, the adults in the video are saying that they were simply telling the little girl to give blank expressions and roll her eyes in the back of her head--because they were bored from thier long road trip.

I really, deeply, sincerely hope that they aren't lying. I pray that they didn't give a 2-year old some X. I mean, the whole blunt smoking toddler thing was bad enough, but this? Damn.

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