Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kung Fu Grip Jesus


Jesus will give Optimus Prime the business! I'm also betting that David and his slingshot will take out all of the Ninja Turtles, easily! Moses vs. Ken? What??? Moses will murk that Barbie-loving fool, for real!

Seriously, this seems like a cool idea. Lord knows kids don't need to be playing with some of the toys they are making nowadays. The action figures have bigger guns than them fools off Boulevard and the dolls dress like they work for Pimpin' Ken. My only gripe is, damn...whats up with James Caviezel Jesus? Where's the bronze feet and wool-like hair?


Randy said...

Yeah man Crank that Jesus Christ.

jacinta said...

I must disagree with you with a resounding... WTF???! (excuse my language). Dude. Kung Fu Grip Jesus? This is retarded and wrong on so many levels.

1. People are always tryin to make Jesus into a man. Humanize him.

2. Jesus ain't a white dude (as you pointed out). This only reinforces the idea of white superiority and turns folks away from the idea of Christianity.

3. Jesus is not a commodity. He is not on sale for $14.99 plus tax.

I could go on. But I'll stop.