Tuesday, July 10, 2007

REZIDUE REVIEW: Transformers

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Its been 21 years since the original Transformers movie hit the big screen, and in my opinion its still one of the greatest films ever made. I was 6 years old when I saw it, and I really think that was the first time a movie made me cry. Don't front, ya'll know ya'll was sobbing when Optimus Prime died. But damn, after looking back at it the other day, Megatron did get in that ass though.

I finally saw the new Michael Bay version after a week of long lines and sell outs. When I saw visuals from the film last year, I thought I was going to hate it. The Transformers' faces looked like crap and their bodies looked nothing like the cartoon/comics/toys that I had as a child. But, I must say, I'm glad I went to go see this movie.

The only have a couple gripes with the film. First is Megatron. The cartoon version of Megatron was one of the trillest bad guys ever, simply because he transformed into a gun. But in this new movie, he's some kind of UFO-fighter jet concoction.

Also, why didn't they let Starscream talk? Hearing him argue with Megatron and talk shit only to scream "RETREEEEAAAAT RETREEEEEAAAT!" was what made the cartoon enjoyable to me. Oh yeah, what happened to Devestator and the rest of the Constucticons? The only piece to him in the movie was Bonecrusher. That was kinda dissapointing. They left out Soundwave too. They tried to pass off some little radio as some kind of representation of him, but I heard the original was pissed.

But, one thing that I am happy the movie left out was lame-ass Hot Rod-Rodimus Prime. If you watched the clip earlier, you'll see he's the reason why Optimus Prime died in the first place. Speaking of Hot Rod, one thing this movie has on the original is that it didn't just drop new characters on you out of nowhere. I remember going to see the original as a child and thinking "who the hell is Hot Rod? who the hell is Cup? who the hell is Blur?" Come to find out, they actually did exist--in the Japanese version.

Overall, the movie was pretty dope. But, nothing will top the original.

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CRUNKITE said...

So much to say, with so little space in this box. I thoroughly, THOROUGHLY, enjoyed the 2007 movie version. I have mad theories about the imminent sequels to come too.