Monday, July 9, 2007

NEWS FLASH: People Are High As Hell!

Is it me* or does it seem like the news has turned from a credible source of information, into a place where people basically just say "pssst, guess what I heard?"

CNN has been reporting this story that Anti-depressant are the most prescribed drug in the U.S. Shied...I could have told you that.

Isn't weed the most bought and used drug on the street, to make people "feel better"? Yes, I think so. Have you ever seen a liquor store go out of business? Hell no. So what does that tell you? That we got some unhappy mo-fo's walking around looking for an escape. What better escape than something that is completely legal and comes from your doctor?

Why do media outlets expect {thinking} people to be surprised when news like this breaks. I mean damn, that's all you ever see advertisments for on television anyway, anti-depressants. I swear that if I was born yesterday dropped off in America, that there wasn't nothing to do here but get high, be sad and fuck. Because all I see are commercials for drugs promising me happy feelings and 4-hour erections (side effects may include: vomitingdiarrheachronicchestpainslaryngitisparanoiahalitosisrunnynoselossofhearingthe
itissomeolnewshitandprobablywhateveryouboughtthisstufftocureinthe firstplace).


danappyscribble said...

hey now...not EVERYONE who partakes of the herbal remedies is unhappy...i--i mean THEY--may just like to relax from time to time


Anonymous said...

You are funny as hell! Keep it up. I could do without dudes and four hour erections. A half-hour will suffice.

crunkite said...

LOL @ the side effects.. Yo have you seen the commercial about some prostate drug... at the end of the ad they say that women shouldn't even HANDLE the drug for risk of a a child having birth defects if she happens to become pregnant? Who wants to buy that shit?? LMAO.