Monday, July 30, 2007

The Blame Game

Seeing Chamillionare's new videos for the first time today inspired me to try something new. Since the media likes to make Hip Hop look like the cause of all of this countries ills, I figured I'd join the bandwagon and start giving you some kinda-sorta-maybe-possibly Hip Hop related news stories you may have missed. Because we all know, its very easy to miss out on the news when we have important issues like football players fighting dogs and home run kings using steroids dominating the headlines. Here's two for today, enjoy.

"Don't Get Caught"

The L.A. Times is reporting that Dr. Hootan Roozrokh of San Francisco is facing charges after being accused of trying to speed up one of his patient's death so that he get his organs. He must have been influenced by the get money quotations Young Jeezy. Obviously Dr. Roozrokh heard Jeezy's multiple references to slanging O's and figured that he meant organs, not ounces. Dr. Roozrokh is expected to turn himself in later this week. Expect him to show up to the precint with copies of Trap or Die and Thug Motivation, rocking a Snowman t-shirt with a W.W.J.D. (What Would Jeezy Do?)wristband, crying "I heard it in a rap song."

"I'm A Dboy" posts that Al Gore's son, Al Gore III, or as he's known on the streets AG3, has pleaded guilty to felony and misdemeanor drug possession after getting caught speeding in Cali with a bag of weed and pills last month. About four years ago he got caught with weed in Maryland after a cop pulled him over for not having his headlights on. While the plan is to have him complete a drug treatment program and have his plea removed from his record, expect him to blame his drug problems on Lil Wayne. Its obvious that AG3 has been bumping his mixtapes, especially that song "Dying" when Weezy name drops every drug under the sun. This shouldn't be surprising, after all, his mother Tipper is the woman who started the fight to censor music back in the 80's.

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