Friday, April 16, 2010 Talks With Sean Falyon

Last night I went up to the adidas store at Lenox Mall (whaddup D) and caught up with the homie Sean Falyon at his release party for his newest project Sean Falyon Be Everywhere. This is the first interview I've done with my new camera (thank god for that), so if it ain't up to MTV standards, I apologize, I really do...I'm still learning how to freak the thing. But yeah, check out the convo as he talks about everything from how he wound up in Atlanta to some of the highlights on the project. Tell me what you think of the editing too, been a minute since I've touched this software since I was cameraless for a hot minute.


Hip Hop said...

dope shit

Rome Brown said...

good interview. I listened to Be Everywhere yesterday and I enjoyed it. I'm in the market for a digital camera, what did you use for this?