Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wiz Khalifa feat. Nesby Phips-"Supply"

Showing love to my birthplace and the homie at the same time with this one. Pittsburgh's Wiz Khalifa dropped his highly-anticipated mixtape Kush & OJ today. I haven't been able to get all the way into buddy music like that yet, but after checking out his show at the Loft last week I think I'ma open up to it some more.

The other reason I'm posting this is because the homie Nesby Phips has an appearance on here as producer and MC.

Oh yeah, for you history buffs out there...Wiz borrows the hook from Ghostface's "Daytona 500" and the cover from David Ruffin's Gentleman Ruffin. One of other favorite rappers right now Killa Kyleon appears on the mixtape too and that shit is jammin as well.

If you want to peep the rest of the mixtape click the link below.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa-Kush & OJ

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QuantumPeach said...

I feels ya, i'm not all the way into Wiz, but imma check it out just cause it was trending on twitter, haha!

on another note: maaaan, i loooooved that IronMan album. "niggas started realizing the Wu has got that shit that will keep you riding" - or something similar! Ghost know he has always been hitting folks with the soulrap! hahahaha!