Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scarface feat. B. James and Monk Kaza-"Dopeman Muzik"

I bought this off of iTunes late last night after I saw an ad for it. It said it had been about two days ago. I'd been listening to the snippet for this song for a minute, waiting for it to finally drop. I was actually perplexed as to if I wanted to post this, because obviously 'Face is trying to make a dollar off this project, so I'm just streaming it. But I know some expert is gonna find a way to rip it though.

Man this song is so hard. And where does 'Face find these dudes? Neither one of these guys have any identity on the net, not even a myspace page. Make sure ya'll go and buy this joint off iTunes if you like it that much, its only 99 cents. The whole mixtape comes out May 5th.


FireBrand said...


Bayan The One said...

well i'm prolly one of those 'experts' LOL
sorry mane to cheat and benefit from your money
but u kno, 3d world methids of 'survival'
i won't spread it around tho fo sho
thanks for posting

Neither one of these guys have any identity on the net, not even a myspace page

that's what i call street dudes

a dope emcee who got little to no presence on the Web gains weight in mah eyes

Anonymous said...

Southpaw! What up mane? I like it bro...brings back some memories of that real REAL...cant wait to hear it in da Chevy- hollatcha boy brutha


Bastion said...
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Bastion Shaw said...

I don't know bout B. James but Monk Kaza is some wannabe Super-Blood that's signed/associated? to J. Prince's son's "label" Southern Empire.


I'd much rather hear another The Product album than listen to these 2 random bored rappers ramble on about nothin'. Scarface makes it 10x worse cuz when he finally comes on you REALLY realize how shitty these 2 cats are. LOL We need some Willie Hen & Malice up in here. Shit, Face need to go fuck with all them cats he signed to Def Jam back in the day & make his Underground Railroad Movement a record label! Triple J, Haystak, & anybody else besides Luda that he was fuckin' with.

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