Sunday, July 26, 2009

R.I.P. Vernon Forrest

This has been one death filled summer, damn.

Condolences go out to the family of boxer and Atlanta-citizen Vernon Forrest. He was killed last night down in Mechanicsville after two people robbed him at the Chevron on Whitehall street...

This is crazy because I'm at this gas station quite a bit. When I used to work at Rolling Out it was the only one in the area before you hop back on the highway. Plus, if you hang out at Slice, 255 or any of the other spots on Peters and Walker St in the Castleberry District you're most likely hitting this gas station up for gum and Black N' least that's what I go there for.

In all my years of going there I never really felt threatened for my life. Annoyed by the cats outside constantly begging for something, yeah. But fearful of being robbed, not really. But then again, I'm not pushing a Jag.

The area surrounding it however is a completely different story. Its always was been hood down around there, but cats really started wilding out around 2005 when they closed down the McDaniel-Glenn projects. So the last four years have been on edge to say the least. Like I said, I'd been in the area quite a bit, and been OK. But still, its not an area where you go chasing down folks who just robbed you...strapped or not. Unfortunately, according to what's being reported, Forrest chose to do that and paid the ultimate price for it.

Please let this be a lesson to all of us. When/if you get robbed, man, just let them have it. Now if you in your house and this type of thing happens, shooting back? Yeah, I can understand. But if you're able to leave a robbery in an area that you don't even live in, alive? Yeah, let them have it. Like the homie @one66soul said, Forrest probably should've did like Cee-Lo did on "Gutta Butta" (3:31 mark)

But yeah, R.I.P. to Vernon Forrest.

For what its worth, you may remember he made a cameo in Archie's "We Ready" video. He starts appearing at the 1:38 mark.


Anonymous said...

I agree Mr. Garland, well put. God bless the dead.

404 said...

It's real in the field.

I pass this store Monday thru Friday and stop by the sock man to get my folks in chain gang straight. It's sad. Another black man murdered at the hands of another black man.(assuming)I'm still shakin my head.

It's a damn shame folk.

Баян said...

some unfortunate shit
hearing this got immediately reminded of your post about gas stations some time ago