Monday, July 27, 2009

"Bitch I'm Broke" > "Trickin If You Got It"

I swear I just found out who sings this damn song last week. I heard it a few times, but never bothered to really investigate. Up until today I thought this was some group that might have been signed to Neyo's label with Slim on the hook. Come to find out its this group called Mullage (pronounced: Mool-laage). I ain't gonna lie, the song jams, that's not disputible. Very melodic, sounds good. But the tricking shit, nah shawty. I mean, I know how to show a lady a good time (or at least they act like they having a good time) but I'm not with the tricking business. In case you are confused as to what tricking is in my book, here's how I look at it:

Tricking IS when you just giving a chick money for no reason, or hell, simply paying for p*ssy period. Paying rent her rent when you don't live or eat there. Paying her car note when you don't drive or ride in the car. Falling for that ol' sad puppy face shit whenever she says she don't have no money.

Now, for all you hardcore pimp playa ass "fuck a hoe" niggas out there, tricking IS NOT going out with a woman and not getting any ass afterwards. Every night don't end with a bang homeboy. If you take her out to dinner and a movie, and you eat and watch the movie too, that's not tricking because you are getting something out of it too. If ya'll go to the comedy show, amusement park, art exhibit, etc and you pay for both the tickets, that's not tricking either, because again, you're getting something out of it too. However, when you start spending major bread on some ol' "let me impress her" type shit, even when you are partaking, yes you are entering tricking territory. Stupid trick territory actually.

I'll admit, I've been on outings where I might've spent a little too much, but it wasn't because I was trying to impress, its because I was just having a good ass time and just wanted to keep the good times rolling.

Tricking isn't always monetary either, it has to do with respect and ethics too. Like, if I'm out with a young lady, I'm not with that taking phone calls from other dudes while we're out, in my face. Go "to the ladies room" with that shit, its ok, I don't mind, because I will probably be texting another woman while you're taking calls from your fan club. Hell, that's what ya'll be doing anyway, haha. Sorry, it is what it is. So, yeah, if you are tolerating disrepect like that, or on any level...that is tricking also.

On the flipside of all of this, ladies, its 2009 and shit is rough. I'ma really need ya'll to at least ACT like you gonna chip in from time to time. Most likely, I'ma have us covered if you try to pay, but you know what, it is nice to be out with a woman who at least offers to chip in from time to time and even better when they actually do. You know what though, fugg it, if I'm paying for the whole meal, got dammit yo'ass need to be covering the tip. Realistically, I'm not gonna ask you to do that unless I feel that you are abusing my gentleman-ness. But still, bring something to dinner other than your appetite, please. Oh yeah, cut that going to the bathroom when the check come shit out too. If you do that, yes, the check will be sitting in the exact same place, untouched when you comeback, fugg outta here. Oh yeah, you know what else gets on my nerves is when...ok, I'ma stop while I'm ahead before I start name dropping (don't worry baby, I'm not talking about you)

But yeah, enough of that, only reason I'm posting this vid and talking ish is because it gives me a excuse to post one of the most eloquent songs of all time, "Bitch I'm Broke" by Cody Chesnutt. Its from his 2003 album The Headphone Masterpiece. Anyone know where buddy is now? Granted his stuff sounded like it was recorded in his bedroom (because it was) but I enjoyed it.

And let the record state, I'm not a cheap bastard, not at all. I enjoy the company of women. But I'm not a trick either. It is tricking if you got it...unless its your wife.

Now, enjoy the rest of your day as I anticipate a bunch of unanswered phones calls and texts as a result of this post, haha.


TC said...

Jigga said Auto-Tune is dead. Fucc this shit.

Chris said...

Yeah shawty,
It's about time someone speaks out on this tom foolery going around my city. Tricking is just what it sounds like trick -ing (your in the act of tricking yourself). Now let me get this out my system I received my diploma from BABC ( Break A Bitch College) I went through my educational background to tell you this. When you tricking you only tricking yourself. That chick don't like you for you. Professor Pimp C and Bun B explained:
"I don't be paradin with them bitches in the street"
and "what I need a broke bitch for?'
"how the fuck I look walkin around scratchin yo witch ho?"
I think alot of niggas sleep through class. The Educator E-40 brought this to our attention with the course on Captain Save a hoe" I'm gonna leave off on this note that silly rabbit got the goods only once after all those tries. "It's tricking if you got it"

Tabslove said...

I Agree with TC...tired of the Auto-tune bullshit!

404 said...

Don't care for the song.

And is trickin even if you got it..