Thursday, July 2, 2009

My (Brief) Thoughts on Drake's "Best I Ever Had" video

Fugg it. I'm temporarily entering the Drake matrix. Been tweeting about it all day, so fugg it. A lot of women seem to be complaining that the video has a lot of pretty, big-breasted girls in it who add absolutely no significance to the "message" in the song...whatever that "message" was supposed to be. A lot of dudes seem to love the video because it has a lot of pretty, big-breasted women in it who add...shit, they just nice to look at, period. People who don't care about the pretty, big-breasted girls just think that the video is wack period.

Here is my interpretation. Coach Drake likes pretty, big-breasted girls because they are pretty and big-breasted. He coaches them to do whatever he desires, not really caring about anything else but how they perform for him. Hense, they don't know how to do nothing but stretch and look pretty. So, when these pretty, big-breasted girls go out in the world to actually do something that requires skill, they fail and fail miserably.

Anticipated Reaction: Unpretty, small-breasted girls enjoy seeing pretty, big-breasted girls get beatdown by women who use their skill/brain/talent to defeat women who rely on only their looks. Thus strengthening Drake's influence over the ladies because "he cares" while at the same time giving dude a excuse/reason to have some bad-ass females prance around in his video.

"Message": Looking pretty will only get you "stretched" in life. Using your brain will stretch your life's span.


Now, enjoy the pretty, big-breasted girls...its really not that deep.

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R.E. said...

Breast video of the year!

Leah said...

Ha! I love it -->It really isn't that deep. I thought the video was wack becuase i like to watch videos that are like short films based on the content/"message" of the song... But then again, WTF was the message to begin with? I'm not hating on pretty big breasted girls, b/c I happen to be one, but the video was just oh so stupid... oh.. so.. stupid. LOL