Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Love Is

Saw this license plate riding through Mechanicsville earlier tonight. Its actually a damn shame. I'm not knocking porn, its for grown people to partake of. But I have to ask...when did it become cool to be so public about it?

I hear folks have damn near philosophical conversations about porn now, out in the open. And no, I don't mean as in cats talking about the early psychological problems some porn actresses may have had in their childhood that led them down such a road. I'm talking about cats speaking on ass sizes and money shots like its politics.

That porn shit aint meant to be talked about everywhere, I'm sorry.

This person felt the need to say they love porn and tell it to every person driving behind them. Thanks for the memo player. Hope they're ok...because "loving porn" ain't something to be proud of like that.
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Баян said...

maaaan, what's wrong with porn? n being open about luving it )))))))
i'd have a bigger problem if i saw a plate "i'm gay", though i can understand that porn's also different
but since the plate didn't read "i luv gay prn" it's ok wih me ))))))) but even if it did so what?

would it irritate u if u saw a plate "i luv cats"? i mean as pets, not sexually )))))))))

QuantumPeach said...

while i do think this says "i love porn" there is a very slim chance that this is a pharmacy technician or nurse who loves reading/writing scripts. in that case "ILUVPRN" can be read as "I love PRN (PRN = take as needed in medical terms)" Just a thought, LOL

Баян said...

QuantumPeach, u mean that could stand for "i dosis luv"?

that'd sound kinda deep ))))))))