Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Eye Tunes: Mike Jones

Back sooner than we expected, and by popular demand Gangstalicious and Thugnificent are joining us again today with a new video. Today's Eye Tune comes from Mike Jones featuring Hurricane Chris, "Drop And Give Me 50."

Thugnificent says: Man, I can't stand this ninja turtle lookin' ass nigga, fuck Mike Jones!

Gangstalicious says: Who nigga?

Thugnificent says: Mike Jones.

Gangstalicious says: Yo who dat?

Thugnificent says: Mike Jones nigga! This Donatello lookin' mah fucka in the video, are you deaf, blind and dumb nigga?!?

Gangstalicious says: Haha, nah son, just doing the thing, you know, when he says his name and people be like "who?" Shit is funny son. But on the real, I like this video son. Its real gritty, nah'mean. Niggas are on the independent hustle, nah'mean. Looks like niggas went to Wal-Mart, got a camera, went outside and did their thing, knowhatimsayin'?

Thugnificent says: Nah, fuck that nigga man. This nigga is a biter. First the nigga swagger jacked the design for my Lethal Interjection chain for that bullshit Ice Age chain he be wearing. Now the nigga jacking my video ideas. I had this same idea for my "Booty Butt Cheeks" video. I told the director, "don't put the camera on me rapping, keep the camera on the hoes." I wanted a whole video where no actual rapping was being seen or done, only ass shaking. Now, look. This nigga done up and stole another one of my ideas. Fuck this nigga man.

Gangstalicious says: Yo, how you gonna get mad at this man for that? He is representing for the streets. He showing you how it really is in the streets, knowhatimsayin'? Shit is real out here, nah'mean? Niggas got problems out here nigga, for real. Niggas gotta trust niggas to go out and find hoes for the videos, then on top of that we gotta find new ways to waste money and shit, that shit is hard work, B. You the main one that's out here saying "stop hatin' and get money" and when you see a nigga out here getting money, you start hatin'. What's up with that shit son?

Thugnificent says: Nah man, its still fuck this nigga. Yeah, I tell niggas to stop hatin'. But I also tell them to stop snitching and stop biting. And this nigga is guilty of the last Thug Law. I betcha this nigga house looks like mines too. What's really got me pissed is how this nigga steals my idea and go gets the sorriest batch of ass-shakers I've ever seen in my life.

Gangstalicious says: Really son? I mean, I kinda like the selection he had. The Euro look is coming back, nah'mean. I'm thinking about getting some Natalie Portman, Hillary Swank looking females for my next joint. You know, niggas gotta keep that White Girl on them, B.

Thugnificent says: Nigga, who the fuck you been hanging around? You going Hollywood. Real niggas ain't supposed to know who Natalie Portman and Hillary Swank are nigga. We only supposed to know Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and that chick Ray J smashed on camera. You know, the worst they have to offer.

Gangstalicious says: Whatever B. Video dope son, two guns up.

Thugnificent says: Fuck this nigga man. But I like Hurricane Chris though, that's my nigga.

Gangstalicious says: Who?

Thugnificent says: Man, don't start that "who" shit again nigga.

Gangstalicious says: No, seriously B. Who the fuck is Hurricane Chris? He related to Katrina?


Janee TMB said...

I couldn't really see the video -- I guess YouTube malfunctioned -- but based on Thugnificent's assessment I'm guessing I didn't miss much!

Funny as hell. I like how you get your point across.

jacinta said...

i think you're on to something E.B.

The Kevin Durant Of Blogging! said...

Aww man...Gangstalicious vs. Thugnificient blogs is THE FRESHNESS!

R.E. said...

Yo' I didn't even watch the videos, I'm just bugging out on teh Gangstalicious vs. Thugnificient blogs. classic.

Clint Southwood said...

These niggas act like the black culture isn't under attack. Mike Jones needs to take a look around and see how balck men are under attack. He needs to quit trying to make some easy bucks by making ignorant music and try to make some uplifting music. If you have a real fan base they will support you no matter what. But having Gangstalicious and Thugnicient compare and contrast the video is great idea if anybody knows Arron McGrudder tell him Southpezzy is getting raw.

SENOR KAOS said...


John Black said...

Best post EVER. Truly a classic