Friday, December 28, 2007

dead prez: Radio Freq the homie R.E., this is not a Flashback Friday swagger jack!

But oh snap! I did not know they had a video for this song! This is one of my all time favorite dead prez songs. This may be TMI for you, but this has been my get-ready-in-the-shower song for about the last week and a half now. Before this it was Goodie Mob's "Fighting."

MAN! I was doing some cleaning aronud the crib a couple weeks ago and found my DPZ Turn Off The Radio Vol. 1 from '02. I had been looking for it for the longest because I was thirsting for this song. But then when I found it, I saw that it had a crack in it. I was like "aw dammit!" Fortunately, it still plays my favorite song, which is this one right here.

GOT DAMN! This shit is hard. One of the trillest songs ever recorded. As usual, both of them go off, especially the last few bars of's verse. But damn though, M-1 showed his ass on this song: "you wanna know what kinda nigga I am? let me tell you 'bout the nigga I'm not, I don't fuck with the cops."

The song already inspires me, but seeing this video for the first time makes me want to go out and start some shit. Hell, I might even break out my old favorite t-shirt today.

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R.E. said...

Even if it was a swagger jack, it would be a form a flattery from you, homie. Happy New Year, let's keep getting it.