Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eye Tunes: Gucci Mane

Hello folks! If you are a frequent REZIDUE visitor, then you already know that we are huge Boondocks fans. So when Gangstalicious and Thugnificent asked us if they could do music video reviews over here, we were more than pleased to work with them. So here it is, the first installment of Eye Tunes, where G and T will be discussing the hottest videos.

The first video up for review just hit the 'net. Its Gucci Mane's latest single, "Street Nigga." Enjoy.

Thugnificent says: Now this is what the fuck I'm talking about nigga! This is that real street nigga shit. Like my nigga said at the end, if you ain't a real street nigga, you can't fuck with this. My nigga Gucci was cooking and sacking the dope IN THE VIDEO nigga! Tell me that ain't no real street shit! If that ain't real street nigga shit, I don't know what is.

Gangstalicious says: Exactly, exactly, knowhatimsayin? The nigga had all the dope in the fuckin' video, knowhatimsayin? Real street nigga shit, nah'mean? Powder nigga. Not weed nigga, powder nigga! I'm also feeling how he said he loves all of his street niggas. I love my street niggas too! You haven't experienced real love until a street nigga has loved you, nah'mean?

Thugnificent says: I don't know about that shit you saying, I'll take love from a bad bitch over a street nigga any day, but I feel you though. I'm loving how Gucci didn't forget about the haters. You gotta floss for the haters nigga, I mean, if you don't, what is there for them to hate on, you feel me? You gotta show your grill and your watches nigga, you just gotta! And he did a good job at making the haters sick to their stomachs. Two watches, two chains and a grill nigga! What?!?! Lawd have mercy on these haters, Gucci is killing them. His chain was so atrocious they had to blur the shit out nigga! What you know about that shit nigga!

Gangstalicious says: Yes, yes, yes. I noticed that too. I also like that Gucci wakes up out of bed already baby oiled down, nah'mean? Street niggas are greasy like that, nah'mean? Can't hit the block with dry skin, knowhatimsayin'? I'm also feeling how he shot the video in the 'hood, knowhatimsayin? Real street niggas shoot their videos in the 'hood, that way if anybody thinks their lying and wants to see it for themselves, they know exactly where to look, nah'mean? I used to shoot alot my videos in the 'hood as well, but the cops started showing up all the time. I could never figure out how they'd always know where I was at. This actually kinda reminds me of my song "Tell It To The Jury," its that real, knowhatimsayin'? Now, I shoot most of my videos at the club. The only cops there are security. Not that I need security or anything like that, 'cause you know, I gets down for mine. But you know, nah'mean? Knowhatimsayin?

Thugnificent says:Fuck the police! And fuck any nigga who ain't feeling this video. Stop hatin' and get money nigga!

Oh yeah, I'm fucking with his "Hella Ones" video too nigga. Shit reminds me of my song, "Booty Butt Cheeks."


bp said...

apparently real street niggas know that Fox Broadcasting Company will sue yo ass too.

jacinta said...

what does riley think about all this?
i tend to agree w/ thugnificent, you gotta have shit for haters to hate on, otherwise you ain't got no haters and that's bad business. i read 48 laws of power too.

Janee TMB said...

LMAO @ Branden... Classic tho!

YaBoy Po said...

eh man you wanna come to an open mic in stone mountain on thursday?

do u got a facebook btw too

R.E. said...

LMAO. This was classic.

Monk said...

LMAO @ "you know? Nahmean? Youknowhati'msayin'?"

Anonymous said...

Gucci wakes up out of bed already baby oiled down, nah'mean? Street niggas are greasy like that, nah'mean?........
I started crying laughing at this shit!!!!!!!!!!!