Tuesday, October 9, 2007

West Up!


That's all I have to say right now. I'm downloading his mixtape as we speak, you do the same so that we can talk about it later. I was gonna write a long drawn out post about Terrace Martin and why I'm hoping and praying that West Coast Hip Hop (the Bay included) will finally at least take over half the game, even at the expense of the South losing some shine (I speak of the lame, redundant, buffoonish shit of course). But I'll save that for later. But for now, peep "Ridin'" by Terrace Martin featuring Snoop Dogg, Problem and my nigga Scar (yes, the Scar who used to be signed to Purple Ribbon). Download this shit, burn it on CD and pop it in the system so that you can get the full effect of this jammin ass song, computer speakers don't do it justice. In the words of my nigga Ali, THIS SHIT SLAPS! (Thanks BP)

UPDATE: Shawty Redd and Snoop been all over my blog for the last two days. Here's a joint they did together called "Sexual Eruption." Snoop is getting his T-Pain on in this one.


the world famous BP said...

Terrace is the future.

Monk said...

Man, I can't even front...I was up in Goosebumps just last night and heard the "Sexual Eruption" joint for the first time...that's officially my New Shyt!! Maybe it was the atmosphere, but that joint RIDES!!