Wednesday, October 10, 2007

God Don't Like Ugly

Well, Prodigy of Mobb Deep is headed to jail on gun charges. Word is that he's gonna get 3-1/2 years and um, dude isn't getting any younger. He already suffers from sickle cell so, it ain't gonna be an easy bid for him if/when he goes in.

Seeing this in the news today made me wonder if this is God's way of punishing him for his verse on "Pearly Gates" from the Blood Money album. You know the one where he said:

Now homey if I go to hell and you make it to the pearly gates
Tell the boss man we got beef
And tell his only son I'm a see him when I see him
And when I see him, I'm a beat him like the movie
For leavin us out to dry on straight poverty
For not showin me no signs they watchin over me
Yo! We a new breed in two thousand six
We don't give a fuck about that religious bullshit

I mean, I'm all for free expression (to an extent), so when I first heard the verse I ain't really trip on dude. I mean, we all have had our thoughts and questions about Christianity.

Is it the Black persons religion? Didn't Christians enslave us? Why do the preachers sound/look like pimps? Why does the U.S. government use it the way they do? Why are most elitist White people Christians, what does that mean? Why is Christianity pretty much the only religion "accepted" in the school system? You know, we've all had those types of thoughts.

But after hearing "Pearly Gates" a couple more times, I was like, damn, dude is really asking for it, playing with fire for real. Because the way I grew to interpret the song, told me that they worshiped money, not God. Shied, just sitting there listening to the verse made my head start hurting, it felt like I was gonna get struck by lightning by the end of the song.

Then, ironically, not too long after that song came out Mobb Deep was in a plane crash. In an interview Prodigy said:

"I already knew the plane was not going to crash. Our purpose is not fulfilled yet. We are here for a serious purpose and it is not done yet. I knew it was going to land safely."

"We're definitely spiritual people...but I don't believe the storytime, 'This is what it is, this is what you're supposed to believe, this is how it went down.' I don't believe in none of that shit. I believe in the Creator, that you're supposed to be a positive, good person. That shit comes back to you when you're not good. [That] you have to put positive energy in the world or you'll get negative back."

"When I was saying that shit on 'Pearly Gates' I was just being a rebel to the system that they force us [into], they force you to believe in all that shit. If you don't believe it then you're labeled as a devil worshipper. These are the same motherfuckers that enslaved us, and lied to us for thousands of years, stole our technology and raped all our ancestors, and these are the same people that said 'here this what you [should] believe [in]."

I kinda felt him on that, because, I hate religion too. Religious people are the most hypocritical people walking the earth. They just be doing shit to be doing it, and don't have a real relationship with God, on a spiritual level. But still, I can't just say I'ma whup Jesus when I see him.

Then, just last month he gets punched out in the club by Saigon. Now, he's about to go to jail on gun charges (peep how he got arrested the same month as the plane crash, October 2006, what a difference a year makes).

So, in hindsight it goes: Threaten Jesus---->plane crash---->arrest for gun---->punched and embarrassed in club---->indicted on gun charge, faces 3.5 years in prison.

Is this irony or divine order?


bp said...

As a Christian I was offended by his arrogance and ignorance. People can debate religion all day and i am by no means a Bible Scholar however I know that Christianity no matter how tainted governments have tried to make it is not a religion. It is never spoken on as a religion in the Bible. As far as I know the word is mentioned twice in the Bible and neither instances are in positive ways.

On another note I knew them boys were full of it when i interviewed/confronted havoc in atl at Catfish station (how many of ya'll remember that spot) and asked him about the line from "drop a gem" about pac (I'm from the town i gotta speak up for us) and he said that he was responding to pac speaking on prodigy's health and proceeded to say they don't with death upon their own worse enemy. Wow what a hypocrite/studio gangsta. Rap is outta control and prodigy better start doin pushups

crunkite said...

God, Jesus, Jah, Allah, Yaweh, all of them...

Nann one of them like ugly...

R.E. said...

R.I.P. Mobb Deep's career

Andrea said...

indicted, i meant... LOL!

Andrea said...

LOL... its not funny, but you're right - hella ironic. but then again, don't all rappers get indighted at some point??????????????????????????? (jokes)
those cab skits on hip hop honors really touched on the BS that hip hop folks LOVE to show off!

anyway, this has nothing to do with Mobb Deep or religion (sorry for the waste of time)... so i'm out...

Janee TMB said...

Oooh I know where you got them quotes ! ;-)

You're definitely onto something -- too bad Prodigy didn't get the memo in time. Well, they say it's never too late to repent, right?

Xcentric Pryncess said...

r.e. ...hahahahahahaha

I think that it is reaping what you sew...I may not be a Buddist, but I won't blatantly disrespect the religion itself..Furthermore, throughout history, people have used religion to propel their agenda....Jesus had nothing to do with ignorant white folk enslaving us---that is the ignorant white folk and our own people that sold us into this system.

janice aka Miss B said...

Good post..... He really shouldn't have written that verse, I felt he went too far...... and now he's paying the price